english test 07 class 8 scholarship exam

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english test 07 class 8 scholarship exam


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8th scholarship

7th English test class 8


sub-topic-Active, Passive Voice, Degree

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Category: English 8th

1) choose the correct alternative.

“can you read this for me?” My eyes aren’t as good as ………

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Category: English 8th

2) choose the correct alternative.

one of the villagers requested …… it in the book of records.

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Category: English 8th

3) choose the correct alternative.

the window …….. by a student.

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Category: English 8th

4) choose the correct alternative.

while writing an essay, a dictionary ……. by student.

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Category: English 8th

5) choose the correct alternative.

paper ….. made from wood.

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Category: English 8th

read the following sentence of superlative degree and point out the error from it.


6) Ice hockey is the most dangerous sport than basketball or tennis.

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Category: English 8th

7) if wise- wiser then 

 ugly- ……

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Category: English 8th

choose the correct alternative of indirect speech to the following sentence.


8) kamala said, “what do you want?”

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Category: English 8th

9) A train stopped in a tunnel and didn’t move for a long time.

choose a correct alternative that what the might have driver said.


the driver said that ………. sorry for the delay. 

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Category: English 8th

10) choose the correct alternative.

there are two ways of doing the sum, but this one is ………. .

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