english test 08 class 8 scholarship exam

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english test 08 class 8 scholarship exam


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8th scholarship

english 8th scholarship exam preparation


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Category: English 8th

Question with two correct answers.

Read the dialogue about weather, choose two correct option to make the conversation meaningful.

      Meena        : It  is …………hot today.

shabana      : yes, I ‘m afraid we haven’t had much rain.

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Category: English 8th

Conversaition between shop assistan and customer .

Shop Assistant            : here is your bag of purchased things. That will be 200.

Customer                      : ………………..

Shop Assistant             : Thank you.

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Category: English 8th

At the hotel : Enquiry about Manali.

Caller                                  :    Hi, ………………….. Manali , please.

Telephone Operator        :   Hold the line, I ‘ll see if she’s there.

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Category: English 8th

Give below is a short note written to classmate who has not returned assignment book. choose two correct option and complete the note.

       Dear Mihika,

                     It …………. me to know that friend like you haven’t returned assignment book . how can you behave in such a way? 

Your friend

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Category: math 8th

Give below is note of grandmother to her grandson. complete the note with correct option. 

         I am fine here. I am tasking good care of myself.  …… God bless you give you healthy as well as wealthy life.

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Category: English 8th

Give below is a note of his son. read the note and complete it choosing correct option. 

               I hope I have a great day ahead. I am going out as I have to attend …. meeting at office.

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Category: English 8th

Give below is a note to parents by school. their children got admission in school. choose correct alternative to complete the note.

                      Welcome to new school. together we can make…………. I am looking forward to a year ahead.

                                                                                                                                                                                 Yours sincerely,

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Category: English 8th

Read the short note and choose correct option.note from parents to teacher: 

The school may have found a ……. in you but our child found a hero in you. 


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Category: English 8th

choose two correct alternative: 

           Thank you for visiting us. the children did have fantastic morning as promised…


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Category: English 8th

choose the correct option 

         please …………. I sabella for late. she was out with her friend. 

your daughter.

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