quiz 6 sports name -2

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quiz 6 sports name -2

Identify The Games And Get A Beautiful Certificate.


complete your quiz within 10 minutes

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sports name 2 quiz

quiz 6 sports name 2

identify the sports..

get a beautiful certificate.

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weight lifting

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ice skating

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basket ball

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روزانہ کویز حاصل کرنے کے لیے ٹیلی گرام چینل جوائن کیجیے۔

User NameDurationScore
Maria anjum nadaf39 seconds60%
Khan Darakhsha Jalaluddin43 seconds100%
Khan Darakhsha Jalaluddin1 minutes 9 seconds100%
Abdullah Khan Basit Khan1 minutes 23 seconds100%
Arshin51 seconds100%
REHMAT HAYATULLAH ANSARI1 minutes 35 seconds100%
Mausi39 seconds30%
Uzma maqsud khan1 minutes 42 seconds90%
Sheikh Mohsin1 minutes 11 seconds30%
Mohd asjad khan1 minutes 13 seconds100%
Sadiya Sadique Shaikh1 minutes 49 seconds100%
R6 minutes 4 seconds100%
Uzma maqsood khan1 minutes 45 seconds100%
Anas khan1 minutes 33 seconds100%
Sufiyan khan1 minutes 18 seconds100%
Taima40 seconds100%
Adnan khan1 minutes 49 seconds90%
Adnan khan2 minutes 5 seconds90%
Sidra ajaz shaikh3 minutes 18 seconds100%
Rehan rizwan Shaikh1 minutes 42 seconds100%
Mohammad asjad khan1 minutes 26 seconds90%
Asfiya Rifakat Khan1 minutes 28 seconds70%
Khan sahana izhar1 minutes 44 seconds50%
Khan umme aiman1 minutes 2 seconds100%
Ammarah56 seconds90%
Alshifa imran Mowlvi1 minutes 9 seconds100%
Gufran Ansari53 seconds100%
Misbah khan53 seconds100%
Arsh salmani2 minutes 34 seconds100%
Ayat Ahmed Shah39 seconds100%
Ayat Ahmed Shah40 seconds100%
Ayat Ahmed Shah1 minutes 1 seconds90%
Adiyan Tarique Gore1 minutes 18 seconds100%
Jahid and the rehmani1 minutes 27 seconds50%
Misbah Zulfiqar Ahmed Ansari1 minutes 30 seconds100%
Uzma maqsood khan2 minutes 13 seconds100%
Misbah Naseem khan1 minutes 7 seconds60%
Mohd faizan1 minutes 36 seconds100%
sidhrak714@gmail.com2 minutes 48 seconds100%
Rafia41 seconds100%
Mohd farman z shaikh1 minutes 32 seconds90%
Zikra2 minutes 30 seconds80%
Aliya1 minutes 19 seconds90%
Sadiya Adil Shaikh1 minutes 1 seconds100%
Sadiya Adil Shaikh1 minutes 28 seconds90%
Kashif45 seconds100%
Sidra Rizwan pawaskar1 minutes 49 seconds100%
Mohd.saif1 minutes 3 seconds100%
FREE FIRE59 seconds100%
Arshiyan1 minutes 19 seconds100%
INAYA RAFIQUE SAHIKH1 minutes 9 seconds100%
HASHIM45 seconds100%
Aman1 minutes 31 seconds100%
Sadaf1 minutes 4 seconds100%
Iqra Niyaz Shaikh1 minutes 20 seconds100%
Anam Shoeb shaikh57 seconds100%
FAIZAN52 seconds100%
Umar1 minutes 8 seconds100%
Aaisha Imran Tamboli54 seconds100%
Misbah Sharif khan1 minutes 19 seconds100%
Noorish fatema1 minutes 13 seconds100%
Rabiya basri Roshan Ali shaikh1 minutes 5 seconds100%
Afareen1 minutes 14 seconds50%
...39 seconds100%
Maryam aejaz Kapoor1 minutes 47 seconds90%
A.s.k1 minutes 43 seconds100%
Alina45 seconds100%
Khan sahana izhar1 minutes 3 seconds60%
Anam asgar shaikh1 minutes 2 seconds100%
Anam asgar shaikh1 minutes 10 seconds100%
Mariyam58 seconds0%
Saad Ismail pathan1 minutes 18 seconds100%
Saad Ismail pathan1 minutes 18 seconds100%
Aleena fatema feroz khan1 minutes 8 seconds100%
Saeeda Fatema nasirkhan2 minutes 41 seconds100%
Hidayat khan45 seconds100%
Alfiya kaisar. Pathan1 minutes 35 seconds90%
Inaya sadaf51 seconds90%
Inshara jahir qureshi47 seconds100%
Inshara jahir qureshi1 minutes 17 seconds70%
Iramjavedkhan1 minutes 57 seconds70%
Rifatmajidkhan2 minutes 20 seconds100%
Abdul Hafiz faiyaz pathan59 seconds100%
Hidayat khan59 seconds90%
Madiha Burhanuddin Sayed51 seconds100%
Mariya1 minutes 20 seconds70%
barira51 seconds100%
Barirah Fatema jakariya shaikh1 minutes 9 seconds100%
Zainab shakeel shaikh49 seconds100%
Zarmin fatema mohd Ayyub Shaikh1 minutes 19 seconds100%
A.Hadi Himmat Tetwalkar44 seconds100%
A.Hadi Himmat Tetwalkar42 seconds100%
A.Hadi Himmat Tetwalkar1 minutes 7 seconds90%
HAMDAN SHAIKH41 seconds100%
Aliya mudalgi1 minutes 16 seconds100%
Zainab Shoaib sk2 minutes 10 seconds100%
Sabiya wasif shaikh1 minutes 22 seconds90%
Mariya2 minutes 8 seconds80%
Aleena54 seconds100%
Aleena46 seconds100%
Aleena1 minutes 13 seconds90%
Alveera tahereem Shaikh irfan57 seconds100%
Hasmat raza rehmani babu raza rehman1 minutes 12 seconds20%
Alisha Sayyed Zameer1 minutes 40 seconds70%
Shifa Alihaidar khan1 minutes 58 seconds100%
Rabiya basri Roshan Ali shaikh1 minutes 34 seconds100%
Hussain aziz pinjari48 seconds70%
Alfiya Gayasuddin khan1 minutes 9 seconds100%
Zainab Shoaib sk2 minutes 2 seconds100%
REHMAT HAYATULLAH ANSARI1 minutes 54 seconds90%
Sufiyana Saddam jamdar1 minutes 6 seconds100%
Shaikh Uzma Riyaz Ahmed46 seconds100%
Shaikh Uzma Riyaz Ahmed59 seconds90%
Shaikh falak tanveer ahmed1 minutes 26 seconds100%
Afiya shakil Shaikh1 minutes 18 seconds80%
Arshiya1 minutes 15 seconds80%
Zainab shakeel shaikh1 minutes 16 seconds100%
Shaikh md Talha mahbub Alam47 seconds100%
Sareena Firdous Imran Ahmad1 minutes 35 seconds60%
Zoya Siddiqui ahmed muhammad34 seconds100%
Zoya Siddiqui ahmed muhammad53 seconds90%
Khan sahana izhar49 seconds100%
Zoya Siddiqui ahmed muhammad5 minutes 3 seconds90%
Khan sahana izhar52 seconds50%
Abdul wahid1 minutes 2 seconds100%
Zoya Siddiqui ahmed muhammad1 minutes 19 seconds60%
Khan sahana izhar1 minutes 1 seconds70%
Hanzala munawar sayed1 minutes 35 seconds90%
Saayama sameer patel42 seconds100%
Saayama sameer patel48 seconds90%
Hasmat raza rehmani59 seconds40%
Zoya Siddiki mhomd50 seconds100%
Zoya Siddiki mhomd56 seconds40%
Ansari Sujaid Zaheer Ahmad59 seconds100%
Zoyasiddklmhomd2 minutes 20%
Madiha Burhanuddin Sayed41 seconds100%
Ayesha siddiqua1 minutes 54 seconds100%
Amina. Bhatkar1 minutes 48 seconds90%
Aminabhatkar3 minutes 22 seconds90%
Samreen saba Faiyyaz Ahmad1 minutes 37 seconds90%
Rabiya basri Roshan Ali shaikh1 minutes 24 seconds90%
Hasmat rehmani1 minutes 50 seconds90%
Rafia1 minutes 7 seconds100%
Sufiya Abdul Latif Khan1 minutes 100%
Sufiya Abdul Latif Khan1 minutes 14 seconds70%
Khan Iqra Javed Akhtar45 seconds100%
Yumna Wahid Ansari1 minutes 12 seconds100%
Ziya1 minutes 9 seconds60%
Ziya1 minutes 51 seconds60%
Nida Jamsher khan44 seconds60%
Mariya jamil ahmed samani53 seconds100%
Mariya jamil ahmed samani1 minutes 46 seconds90%
Fatima Hussain akhtar Hussain shaikh2 minutes 44 seconds80%
Nimra karim khan2 minutes 34 seconds90%
Farida Abdulhalim khan1 minutes 100%
Mehvish mohd saleem khan1 minutes 29 seconds100%
Shaikh Khalid Abdul Waheed3 minutes 24 seconds100%

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