animal and their homes QUIZ

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animal and their homes QUIZ

جانور اور ان کے رہنے کی جگہ

Identify The Animal And Their homes And Get A Beautiful Certificate.


complete your quiz within 10 minutes

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Animal And Their Homes

animal and their homes QUIZ

give 60% right answer and get a beautiful certificate.

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the cow lives in

2 / 10

the hen lives in

3 / 10

the ant lives in

4 / 10

the lion lives in

5 / 10

the bee lives in

6 / 10

the mouse lives in

7 / 10

the horse lives in

8 / 10

the bear lives in

9 / 10

the spider lives in

10 / 10

the dog lives in

روزانہ کویز حاصل کرنے کے لیے ٹیلی گرام چینل جوائن کیجیے۔

User NameDurationScore
Maria anjum nadaf56 seconds100%
Maria anjum nadaf1 minutes 6 seconds50%
Raaina1 minutes 12 seconds20%
SHAH AQSA BANO NAZIM3 minutes 8 seconds80%
M Shaikh2 minutes 29 seconds90%
Mirza shadab baig1 minutes 51 seconds40%
Mohd Arshad Khan39 seconds100%
Mohd45 seconds100%
Ak53 seconds70%
A1 minutes 45 seconds60%
Roqaiya Parveen Ex Principal MGHSJC1 minutes 15 seconds100%
Maaz1 minutes 12 seconds60%
Dhvihhi nai yujjfhov ivhibvdgj bhi hu hai na tu y kya fjj4 minutes 14 seconds80%
Anam1 minutes 9 seconds40%
K dg hfs1 minutes 9 seconds40%
Ammarah45 seconds100%
Zeenat Aara38 seconds80%
Zeenat Aara1 minutes 20 seconds90%
Uzma maqsood khan2 minutes 57 seconds80%
Uzma maqsood khan2 minutes 59 seconds40%
Ahmad57 seconds50%
Taskeen shaikh1 minutes 29 seconds70%
Taskeen shaikh1 minutes 12 seconds50%
Taskeen shaikh1 minutes 38 seconds40%
Taskeen2 minutes 50%
Taskeen shaikh1 minutes 24 seconds40%
Fatema Shaikh Nadeem2 minutes 16 seconds60%
Inaya Imran Khan2 minutes 23 seconds50%
Salmani firdous jalaluddin1 minutes 35 seconds20%
Sayeda Tahreem1 minutes 48 seconds60%
Zoya54 seconds20%
Safura2 minutes 14 seconds70%
Safurs3 minutes 9 seconds30%
Khadija khan1 minutes 57 seconds90%
Zikra Fatema1 minutes 48 seconds50%
Ppppp1 minutes 22 seconds50%
Danish kalim khan1 minutes 12 seconds40%
Sayyed Nazrana Begum saleem ahmad55 seconds90%
Mirza2 minutes 33 seconds100%
Tuba Fatima50 seconds100%
Tuba Fatima53 seconds50%
Zainab shakeel shaikh1 minutes 10 seconds100%
Arsalan.jaid.konnur2 minutes 22 seconds50%
Adiba1 minutes 4 seconds60%
Khan Iqra Javed Akhtar57 seconds90%
Jawwad59 seconds100%
Raaina54 seconds70%
Aabida Nasim Ansari1 minutes 1 seconds30%
Sayaan57 seconds40%
Raaina55 seconds50%
Raaina59 seconds70%
Arsh2 minutes 30 seconds90%
Aafreen shafique Ansari1 minutes 55 seconds60%
Khan Iqra Javed Akhtar1 minutes 100%
Raaina57 seconds60%
Raaina52 seconds50%
Fatima Mohammad mehboob shaikh1 minutes 2 seconds40%
J48 seconds60%
Adan1 minutes 18 seconds70%
Ammarah1 minutes 8 seconds90%
Umaiza usaid govalkar3 minutes 23 seconds70%
M2 minutes 1 seconds50%
. Mishra p2 minutes 38 seconds50%
Mohd farman z shaikh1 minutes 52 seconds70%
Swaliha Ijaj jafar58 seconds90%
Swaliha Ijaj jafar1 minutes 3 seconds70%
Vahidoddin tajuddin sayyed1 minutes 55 seconds60%
Alshifa imran Mowlvi50 seconds80%
Kabir4 minutes 47 seconds100%
Daad1 minutes 3 seconds90%
Amira zaid1 minutes 34 seconds80%
Kabir zaid1 minutes 19 seconds60%
Kabir zaid1 minutes 26 seconds50%
Shaikh sabreen5 minutes 4 seconds60%
A47 seconds60%
Ashmira1 minutes 35 seconds40%
Saeeda Fatema Nasir Khan1 minutes 53 seconds60%
Iqra Niyaz Shaikh41 seconds100%
Iqra Niyaz Shaikh1 minutes 37 seconds80%
Soleha1 minutes 18 seconds50%
Rumana soudagar2 minutes 21 seconds100%
Rumana soudagar1 minutes 47 seconds40%
Maeez waghoo2 minutes 7 seconds60%
Hanzala munawar sayed5 minutes 30 seconds90%
NIKHAT SADIK SOUDAGAR2 minutes 41 seconds100%
NIKHAT1 minutes 32 seconds70%
Madiha Burhanuddin Sayed53 seconds100%
Saniya gayasuddin Shaikh1 minutes 20 seconds50%
Zobia akil bape2 minutes 40 seconds70%
Sana1 minutes 1 seconds70%
Zoyeba Tamboli1 minutes 49 seconds80%
Gufran Ansari1 minutes 4 seconds60%
Hasmat rehmani1 minutes 14 seconds90%
Zikra1 minutes 10 seconds60%
Zeeshan SK Nazim1 minutes 8 seconds80%
Maheknaaz51 seconds90%
Mqhek1 minutes 38 seconds80%
sidhrak714@gmail.com1 minutes 23 seconds40%
Arsh2 minutes 36 seconds70%
Soleha Shahid Ali balahai1 minutes 16 seconds90%
Ahmad Fangari1 minutes 29 seconds100%
Ahmad Fangari1 minutes 17 seconds90%
Ahmad fangari1 minutes 23 seconds50%
Ayat Ahmed Shah42 seconds100%
Ayat Ahmad Shah50 seconds70%
Kashif khan1 minutes 33 seconds90%
sidhrak714@gmail.com2 minutes 37 seconds40%
Misbah. Naseem. Khan2 minutes 50 seconds50%
Khan umme aiman39 seconds100%
Khan umme aiman1 minutes 19 seconds80%
Nasreen26 seconds30%
Aamina1 minutes 47 seconds100%
Umaima Noorulain Khan55 seconds90%
Ahmad1 minutes 9 seconds40%
Mohd faizan1 minutes 15 seconds100%
Abdul Gani imran Khan59 seconds90%
Sakina1 minutes 4 seconds60%
SakinA1 minutes 6 seconds90%
SakinA khan1 minutes 28 seconds30%
Summaiya firoz sayyed1 minutes 17 seconds70%
Rukaiya ziyauddin shaikh51 seconds100%
Rukaiya ziyauddin shaikh1 minutes 10 seconds80%
Rukaiya ziyauddin shaikh2 minutes 7 seconds80%
Alina Anam Mohammad Jawed1 minutes 35 seconds100%
Adiyan Tarique Gore1 minutes 5 seconds100%
Hffj31 seconds70%
Humera Bhadi1 minutes 22 seconds60%
Humera1 minutes 48 seconds30%
Kazi zunaira maqsood4 minutes 16 seconds100%
Umar khan55 seconds60%
Iramjavedkhan2 minutes 28 seconds50%
Safwaan1 minutes 41 seconds80%
Ruzaina khansaa5 minutes 6 seconds50%
Saeeda Fatema Nasir Khan1 minutes 34 seconds50%
Alina Anam Mohammad Jawed50 seconds100%
Alina Anam Mohammad Jawed52 seconds90%
Alina Anam Mohammad Jawed1 minutes 17 seconds90%
Alina Anam Mohammad Jawed2 minutes 38 seconds60%
Zainab Shoaib sk2 minutes 47 seconds100%
A.Hadi Himmat Tetwalkar34 seconds100%
A.Hadi Himmat Tetwalkar37 seconds100%
A.Hadi Himmat Tetwalkar1 minutes 12 seconds90%
Gwdhw32 seconds50%
A.Hadi Himmat Tetwalkar53 seconds70%
Sareena39 seconds70%
Sareena1 minutes 7 seconds40%
Taqdees Fatima38 seconds100%
Taqdees Fatima48 seconds90%
Taqdees Fatima1 minutes 6 seconds80%
Saad1 minutes 2 seconds50%
Laiba khan1 minutes 27 seconds50%
Iaiba1 minutes 33 seconds40%
Abdul Hafiz faiyaz pathan54 seconds80%
Khadija Taufique Munshi1 minutes 5 seconds100%
Khadija Taufique Munshi1 minutes 41 seconds60%
Sted aqsa naaz syed Gausddin2 minutes 100%
Syed aqsa naaz4 minutes 2 seconds50%
Aayra1 minutes 4 seconds70%
Ibah1 minutes 22 seconds100%
Khan Iqra Javed Akhtar56 seconds90%
Saba56 seconds90%
🌹 Ashna fatema 🌹1 minutes 8 seconds50%
Fatema Zareen1 minutes 20 seconds70%
Darakhsha Jalaluddin Khan1 minutes 43 seconds90%
Ahil arif shaikh7 minutes 37 seconds90%
Hidayat khan48 seconds100%
Zikra1 minutes 17 seconds20%
Saad manure1 minutes 20 seconds50%
Alina Rizwan Khot1 minutes 7 seconds100%
Alina Rizwan Khot1 minutes 8 seconds90%
Alina Rizwan Khot1 minutes 16 seconds90%
SHAIKH IBAD2 minutes 17 seconds100%
Darakhsha Jalaluddin Khan2 minutes 27 seconds40%
Shaikh Yusuf Shaikh Ateeque2 minutes 6 seconds50%
Subiya Mahen Manzar Khan2 minutes 51 seconds50%
Mariya2 minutes 23 seconds60%
Fatima Mohammad mehboob shaikh56 seconds40%
Amina2 minutes 38 seconds60%
Laiba Rizwan Shaikh1 minutes 40 seconds100%
Aliwaris Mumtaz KhN1 minutes 18 seconds100%
Muskan Shaikh Gouse1 minutes 26 seconds40%
Shaikh Tehseen4 minutes 13 seconds70%
Alisha Hashmi 🎊❤️🌜♥️🌟💓💨2 minutes 22 seconds60%
Aafiya Alim Shah1 minutes 31 seconds100%
Aafiya Alim Shah2 minutes 15 seconds80%
Rayyan Ansari1 minutes 5 seconds80%
Hasmat rehmani1 minutes 40 seconds80%
Madiha Burhanuddin Sayed1 minutes 10 seconds100%
Iqrashahid2 minutes 3 seconds30%
Swaliha Ijaj jafar1 minutes 26 seconds70%
Zikra3 minutes 59 seconds90%
Kashefa noor sameerkhan34 seconds10%
Ariba57 seconds80%
Ariba1 minutes 4 seconds40%
Shaikh Gulshan jaha55 seconds60%
Khan sabina2 minutes 6 seconds100%
Sabina1 minutes 15 seconds60%
Aroush Hashmi51 seconds100%
Ayesha Ashfaque Shaikh1 minutes 26 seconds10%
Mohd.saif1 minutes 1 seconds100%
Ubaid Shaikh1 minutes 58 seconds40%
Chaudhary Ayesha anam Abdul Shahid1 minutes 5 seconds40%
Sana1 minutes 7 seconds50%
Syed1 minutes 22 seconds100%
Rifat shaikh saddam hussain1 minutes 15 seconds80%
Swaliha Ijaj jafar58 seconds80%
Swaliha Ijaj jafar1 minutes 11 seconds70%
Umar1 minutes 5 seconds80%
Saeeda Fatema Nadir Khan1 minutes 58 seconds70%
Baqir1 minutes 5 seconds100%
Maryam Eijaz kapoor2 minutes 8 seconds50%
Alfiya Gayasuddin khan59 seconds100%
Alfiya Gayasuddin khan40 seconds50%
Alfiya Gayasuddin khan1 minutes 56 seconds40%
Summaiya firoz sayyed4 minutes 4 seconds80%
Shaikh md Talha mahbub42 seconds100%
Shaikh md Talha mahbub45 seconds90%
Mueed Mohsin Mujawar1 minutes 48 seconds100%
Shaikh md Talha mahbub55 seconds60%
Mueed Mohsin Mujawar2 minutes 3 seconds80%
Soleha Shahid Ali balahai1 minutes 7 seconds100%
Soleha 3rd2 minutes 11 seconds30%
Faiza1 minutes 15 seconds70%
Hidayat khan51 seconds80%
Hidayat khan1 minutes 12 seconds70%
Falak rais shaikh3 minutes 39 seconds100%
Zuberahmed Dadepeer Mujawar1 minutes 8 seconds60%
Khan umme aiman5 minutes 17 seconds100%
Sidra Sayeed Mahaldar33 seconds90%
Sidra Sayeed Mahaldar35 seconds70%
Sidra Sayeed Mahaldar3 minutes 26 seconds40%
Obaidurrehman2 minutes 22 seconds50%
Ambrin khan52 seconds70%
Umar Javed Khan43 seconds100%
Khan57 seconds90%
Khan1 minutes 28 seconds60%
Shaikh falak tanveer ahmed3 minutes 16 seconds40%
Altamsh Shaikh abulsalam2 minutes 12 seconds40%
Ashna fatema1 minutes 34 seconds60%
Khan Iqra Javed Akhtar38 seconds100%
Hanzala munawar sayed1 minutes 35 seconds90%
Alina Rizwan Khot1 minutes 1 seconds90%
Alina Rizwan Khot49 seconds60%
Madiha Burhanuddin Sayed1 minutes 10 seconds80%
Alina Rizwan Khot1 minutes 10 seconds70%
Alina Rizwan khot2 minutes 7 seconds60%
Sumera1 minutes 39 seconds90%
Zoya30 seconds100%
Zoya58 seconds60%
Summaiya firoz sayyed1 minutes 44 seconds80%
Zainab1 minutes 45 seconds70%
Hammad1 minutes 29 seconds60%
Hafsa mukhtar kotwadkar1 minutes 20 seconds40%
Raabiyaa nawab Shaikh52 seconds100%
Raabiyaa nawab Shaikh59 seconds90%
Mahira Asif Shaikh57 seconds30%
Shahina1 minutes 70%
Aleena1 minutes 15 seconds70%
Mehvish mohd saleem khan1 minutes 23 seconds100%
Shaikh Tuba Fatima52 seconds90%
Shaikh Tuba1 minutes 7 seconds60%
Yousuf1 minutes 57 seconds90%
Ahmed Raza2 minutes 4 seconds100%
Sarif shaikh2 minutes 54 seconds80%
Arif shaikh1 minutes 51 seconds60%
Khan sufiya imtiyaz52 seconds80%
Khan sufiya imtiyaz1 minutes 4 seconds40%
Mehvish mohd saleem Khan1 minutes 46 seconds50%
Ka neez fatima1 minutes 38 seconds0%
Sakina feeroz khan2 minutes 21 seconds100%
Sakina feeroz khan2 minutes 21 seconds100%
Sakina khan2 minutes 24 seconds30%
Sufiya1 minutes 22 seconds50%
Sameena1 minutes 18 seconds60%
Sidra Raheem59 seconds70%
Sayaan39 seconds50%
Juveriya57 seconds30%
Mariya jamil ahmed samani50 seconds100%
Marya51 seconds100%
Mariya1 minutes 11 seconds90%
Mariya1 minutes 37 seconds40%
Arfiya2 minutes 4 seconds80%
Dgff1 minutes 60%
Djcn1 minutes 2 seconds50%
Hgshgxhklj1 minutes 10 seconds60%
Nabiha Mehreen1 minutes 18 seconds50%
Mariyam munajir Shaikh1 minutes 40 seconds50%
khan arshin mohd hussain3 minutes 11 seconds90%
khan arshin mohd hussain6 minutes 17 seconds60%
Zainab Karim Shaikh2 minutes 8 seconds60%
Ansari Muskan Akhtar1 minutes 7 seconds80%
Ansari yumna wahid2 minutes 38 seconds70%
Shaba Kasim Ansari55 seconds100%
Sss43 seconds80%
Sarfaroz50 seconds70%
Ambrin khan2 minutes 43 seconds70%
Sarfaroz1 minutes 16 seconds30%
Raabiyaa nawab Shaikh55 seconds100%
Raabiyaa nawab Shaikh58 seconds80%
Raabiyaa nawab Shaikh53 seconds90%
Raabiyaa nawab Shaikh1 minutes 12 seconds80%
Adan waris1 minutes 21 seconds80%
Usarabujruk48 seconds100%
Usarabujruk51 seconds90%
Usarabujruk55 seconds90%
Usarabujruk1 minutes 43 seconds70%
jvnera1 minutes 52 seconds50%
Khan afifa2 minutes 13 seconds70%
Arham umar Farooq Siddiqui1 minutes 24 seconds40%
Khan zainab52 seconds100%
RBHA1 minutes 26 seconds40%
Khan zainab1 minutes 23 seconds70%
Bilal barkat ali sayyed1 minutes 33 seconds60%
Fatima Hussain akhtar Hussain shaikh1 minutes 6 seconds100%
Fatima Hussain akhtar Hussain shaikh1 minutes 42 seconds30%
Asad1 minutes 16 seconds90%
Khan shagufta ejaz Ahmed1 minutes 8 seconds70%
Shaba Kasim Ansari3 minutes 3 seconds40%
Hasmat raza rehmani babu raza rehmani1 minutes 10 seconds40%
SHIFA.khan2 minutes 20 seconds20%
Aliya48 seconds30%
Misbah ansari58 seconds100%
Misbah ansari1 minutes 19 seconds80%
Abdu-Rehman Abdul Gaffar Shaikh1 minutes 9 seconds80%
Abdu-Rehman Abdul Gaffar Shaikh1 minutes 38 seconds40%
Shahzad alam1 minutes 35 seconds50%
Fatima Mohammad mehboob shaikh47 seconds60%
Aliya2 minutes 9 seconds20%
Ansari m.d imran50 seconds100%
Rehan1 minutes 12 seconds60%
Junaira3 minutes 24 seconds30%
Nabira1 minutes 6 seconds60%
Alisha Sayyed Zameer1 minutes 15 seconds50%
khan arshin mohd hussain2 minutes 27 seconds40%
Anam23 seconds20%
Anam25 seconds10%
Abdul hasib shaikh1 minutes 53 seconds100%
Izhan1 minutes 43 seconds80%
Tehmai1 minutes 1 seconds40%
Ahmed Raza59 seconds70%
Faiza1 minutes 23 seconds90%
Sugra59 seconds80%
Madiha Burhanuddin Sayed1 minutes 25 seconds90%
Kabir zaid khan5 minutes 3 seconds80%
Arshad sadik1 minutes 52 seconds40%
Rushan Ansari3 minutes 21 seconds60%
Sadiya Sadique Shaikh2 minutes 25 seconds70%
Hazrat58 seconds70%
OSMANI MIR AAMER ALI HAFEZ ALU1 minutes 6 seconds90%
Sareena Firdous Imran Ahmad1 minutes 59 seconds60%
OSMANI AAMER ALI HAFEZ ALI1 minutes 19 seconds80%
KHAN Shagufta Sultana Mansoor54 seconds90%
Khan Iqra Javed Akhtar46 seconds70%
Khan Iqra Javed Akhtar28 seconds10%
Khan Iqra Javed Akhtar42 seconds20%
Hidayat khan1 minutes 7 seconds90%
Sufiyana Saddam jamdar45 seconds100%
Hidayat khan1 minutes 21 seconds70%
Sufiyana Saddam jamdar1 minutes 26 seconds40%
Hidayat khan1 minutes 36 seconds50%
Anamta58 seconds90%
Ahmad1 minutes 7 seconds90%
T1 minutes 6 seconds60%
Z45 seconds90%
Shifa Alihaidar khan1 minutes 32 seconds50%
Shifa Alihaidar khan3 minutes 3 seconds50%
Sareena Firdous Imran Ahmad1 minutes 39 seconds40%
Afiya shakil Shaikh51 seconds90%
Afiya shakil Shaikh1 minutes 1 seconds50%
Afiya shakil Shaikh1 minutes 8 seconds50%
Aisha Alkaseri1 minutes 10 seconds80%
Abdul Hafiz faiyaz pathan1 minutes 4 seconds80%
Khan Iqra Firoz40 seconds100%
Khan Iqra Firoz52 seconds80%
Iqra Firoz Khan55 seconds40%
Barira bagwan1 minutes 16 seconds100%
bagwan1 minutes 34 seconds70%
Shaikh namira1 minutes 47 seconds80%
Saeeda Fatema Nr Khan2 minutes 28 seconds40%
Alfiya Khatoon Raheem Shaikh1 minutes 56 seconds60%
Umme Aiman Javed Khan31 seconds100%
Umar Javed Khan43 seconds100%
Mohammad Arif Qureshi2 minutes 2 seconds40%
UMAR Javed Khan1 minutes 12 seconds80%
Bibi sara Zakir Husain1 minutes 28 seconds100%
Zishan shaukat khan2 minutes 4 seconds60%
HUMRAN KHAN54 seconds80%
Uzef1 minutes 15 seconds60%
Qureshi Nurain Mohammad Nasir39 seconds100%
Raiyan deshmukh1 minutes 8 seconds100%
Qureshi Nurain Mohammad Nasir1 minutes 2 seconds100%
Qureshi Nurain Mohammad Nasir1 minutes 56 seconds90%
Abdul wahid1 minutes 15 seconds70%
Humeramomin1 minutes 32 seconds50%
Khansa fatema2 minutes 15 seconds50%
Ayman shaikh1 minutes 43 seconds70%

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یوم آئین-26 نومبر – کوئز یوم آئین – 10 دلچسپ حقائق عالمی یوم اساتذۃ 5 اکتوبر-کوئز مہاتما گاندھی جینتی 2023 کوئز , معلومات اور مشہور اقتباسات عید میلاد النبی ﷺ اردو تقاریر pdf