English test 01

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todays topic ; formation of word


complete your quiz within 10 minutes

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scholarship English ( Formation of Word )

کوئز حل کیجیے اور سند حاصل کیجیے۔

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which of the words given below does not begins with” د “sound?

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Which of the word does not have letter ‘ y ‘

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which of the given word would be last if we arrange them alphabetically

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Which letter set in the following words are the same?

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which is the fifth letter in alphabetical order?

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Which of the given words start with different pronunciations?

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Which word has a different sound in the beginning?

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choose the missing letter.

p -q – ………..- s

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choose the different sound of the first letter of given words

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Which set of words is not in alphabetical order?

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عید مبارک 2023: اپنے پیاروں کے لیے اردو شایری تصاویرکے ساتھ دلی نیک تمنائیں بانٹیں رمضان کریم کا بیسواں روزہ/سحری مبارک اسلامی کوئز 20 رمضان کریم کا انّیسواں روزہ/سحری مبارک اسلامی کوئز 19 رمضان کریم کا اٹھارواں روزہ/سحری مبارک اسلامی کوئز 18 رمضان کریم کا سترھواں روزہ/سحری مبارک اسلامی کوئز 17
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